1. religiousmom:

    for my final trick, i shall turn into a disappointment

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  2. "But you can’t get away from yourself. You can’t decide not to see yourself anymore. You can’t decide to turn off the noise in your head."
    — Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why (via dandydick)

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  5. "And how odd it is
    to be haunted by someone
    that is still alive."
    — I Guess the Old You is a Ghost (#589: June 25, 2014)

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  6. Anonymous said: ur cool nice hair swagswag y o l o

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    15 texts i never sent

    This made me cry

    the last one made me lose it. I have so many tears running down my face

    Literally sobbing reading these

    "They think it’s beautiful how I am broken. I don’t think they understand."

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  8. fall1997:

    liking someone and pretending you don’t is a lot of hard work

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  12. Fav

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  14. m-eg:

    i hate those friendships that just end for no reason you just stop talking

    I miss you Carley.

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